4 steps to ensure customer loyalty for your brand

Since there is an enormous competition among brands of any market and array of products/services are available, ensuring customer loyalty for brand can be challenging. The present blog explicates upon steps that can ensure customer loyalty for your brand.

  1. Marketing Strategies :

In order to see your market growing on a massive scale, it’s crucial for you to understand the market as well as the advertising strategies. Marketing strategies certainly play an inevitable role in boosting sales, growing brand and value proposition. The strategies should be measurable, actionable and time-bound. Leveraging social media, writing a blog, maximising SEO, Creating a CTA (Call to Action), engage influencers, building a mailing list, creating an affiliate program, engaging customers with chat and hosting webinars (especially during pandemic) can be some marketing strategies to reach more customers and build brand loyalty. According to a business study, 74% of adults use social networking sites to look for answers and about 90% of  adults the reviews of their peers over experts when it comes to the selection of a product or service. Also, prioritising consistent and personalized marketing is important. An attempt should be made that marketing is consistent and customers are engaged on a regular basis.

  1. Asking for Feedback:

Adapting your business in line with customer preferences can certainly help you build customer loyalty. Customer’s feedback would help you comprehend what people value most about the brand and zones wherein they seek improvement. There is often a scope of improvement and in order to bring the same, you should always accept feedback productively. The information received from the feedback not only helps you identify the area of improvement but also increases transparency in the business which in turn yields sweeter fruits. For gathering feedback, you can launch a survey on the company website, social media profiles, or via e-mail. Collecting insights from reviews or directly interacting with the customers can also be useful.

  1. Incentives and Customer Loyalty Programme:

Well-designed customer loyalty programs can definitely increase customer retention and expand the customer base. Such programs can help you boost sales and make current customers feel esteemed. The programmes need not be complicated, technical and expensive as long as it serves the purpose of making customers feel appreciated. Business Research shows that 50% of customers consider spending more money at a business with a loyalty programme. The incentives offered by the brand must reflect something that is meaningful to the customer or consumer personally. In a nutshell, Incentives and Customer loyalty programmes make the consumers/customers feel valuable.

  1. Providing Excellent:

First- class customer service creates life-long customers, keeps away from negative word of mouth and makes you stand out in the array of competitions in the market. Customer experience is to be observed and focused upon in the employee training programmes and development schemes. The fact is that the shift in the consumer behaviour along with the new trends is certain, this makes it inevitable on your part to do continuous research and explore ways to keep customers pleased and contented. Customer’s experience can impact the reputation of your company beyond your expectations. According to a business research, a happy customer will, on average, tell 9 persons about their positive experience with a business. However, on having received poor customer service, they’ll tell 16 persons about the same. Listening to customers, timely addressing customer’s concerns, displaying contact details clearly, making it easy for customers to get in touch et c. are some common and mandatory steps to be taken in order to make customer’s experience better.

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