The medical industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. The industry is promising and evergreen in terms of contributing to the economy. Anyone can start a healthcare business regardless of the type of area be it rural, suburban or metro city. Also the mankind has reached a stage wherein medicines are an essential need just like food and water. Here is the list of best pharmacy franchises in India with years of experience, hundreds of successfully operating stores in the world selling thousands of pharmacy products.

  1. Apollo Pharmacy Franchise:

Apollo Pharmacy, a unit of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise was started in 1987. It is a branded pharmacy network in India, with more than 3500 outlets in over 18 states.  It has made its presence known in different parts of India.  The company stores sell over 5K medical products of various different categories like baby care, vitamins, health foods, supplements, etc. 400 products of these 5000 medical products are exclusive of the Apollo Pharmacy brand. Any person in need can visit one of the Apollo stores at any time of the day or night for the stores are open 24 hours every day. Also the company aims to add around 250 outlets every year. The cost of investment is 5-10 Lac Rupees.

  1. MedPlus Pharmacy:

MedPlus was founded in 2006 by Madhukar Gangadi. It is the second largest pharmacy chain in India selling prescription and OTC medicines, FMCG products, vitamins and other nutrition supplements.  It has made its mark for providing quality and genuine medicines, superior customer service and great value for money. The company operates a network of stores across 12 states and over 150 cities with over 1350 successful pharmacies. The amount required to invest in Medplus pharmacy franchise is 10-20 Lac.

  1. Sanjivani Pharmacy:

Founded in 2006, Sanjivani has emerged rapidly and has marked its presence in a short space of time. It sells allopathic medicines, OTC products, ayurvedic medicines, surgical products and homeopathy products as well. It aims to provide people with complete solutions catering to the health related needs. The amount of investment required for Sanjivani Pharmacy franchise is 10-20 lac.

  1. SastaSundar Pharmacy Franchise:

SastaSundar, started in 2013,  is an innovative digital pharmacy and healthcare store. The company supplies medicines at low cost at the doorstep to the customers. All types of branded medicines, personal care, healthcare, beautycare, herbal and organic products, and OTC products are available on their website. When the order is placed on the official website by the customer, they directly send the order to the nearby franchise owner to fulfill the need of customer. The amount of investment for SastaSundar Pharmacy Franchise is 50K to 2 lac.

  1. Genmart Generic Pvt. Ltd.

Genmart founded in 2018, by GenMart Genric Pvt. Ltd., is a one-stop shop pharmacy for prescribed drugs and healthcare requirements. Genmart aims at passing the benefits of low marketing costs linked with generic pharmaceutical products to the consumer shop. The amount of investment for the franchise would be around 15 lac.

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