Aadyant, which means Adi, Anth, would like to be involved in the growth of the child from the beginning to the conclusion, using well-researched and practical ways. Aadyant is a place where education isn’t just about passing on information; it’s also about encouraging kids to use what they’ve learned in meaningful ways. Our first foray into the preschool market was a success. We have two preschools in Delhi, one in Vasant Kunj, South Delhi, which is a privately owned school with great facilities, and the other in Civil Lines, North Delhi. A combination of Montessori and activity-based learning strategies make up our unique teaching philosophy. This incorporates the “Think while you play, Do Learn” strategy. Inquiry-based learning is emphasised throughout the curriculum. Children are encouraged to the hypothesis, theorise, and forecast as part of the curriculum problem-solve, construct, and chronicle their growing understandings of the world around them. Our method recognises the sociocultural notion that children.

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