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About the Authors:

Kurtis and other readymade clothing are manufactured by Aangan of Kutch. We represent several kutcha communities, giving them with a source of income and pride to the women artists, as well as aiding in the economic, cultural, and ecological preservation of the region. Designer Kurtis, gowns, skirts, jackets, tops, and outfits, all done with exquisite kutcha hand embroidery and hand blocks, are worn by exclusive ladies designers. Aangan of Kutch follows the latest market trends by employing one-of-a-kind hand embroidered and hand-block designs that are tough to come by. Every garment designed by Aangan Of Kutch is made with the highest care and a perfect blend of Indian traditional techniques, handcrafted processes, and sensitive talents. We put out effort.

Our Goals:

Our mission is to introduce the world to the art created by our women. We place a strong emphasis on handcrafted work that combines Indian traditions and culture with a modern twist. We want to showcase the lavish artists’ capabilities to the rest of the world in order to establish a viable atmosphere in which women can be recognised and supported for their abilities and constant efforts.

Our Purpose:

Our objective is to extend our platform with the distribution channel in a way that benefits our designers, clientele patronage, businesses, and craftspeople. We aim to provide our clients a lot of bang for their buck with our products, and we want to give our investors a good return on their investment.

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