Aarya 24KT is a pure gold foil collection with an exceptional product range and quality, based on a strong desire for innovation and imaginative thinking. Gold, the most valuable and malleable metal, has taken on a new meaning as the most valuable and malleable metal used only for jewellery, sculpture, and coins. Gold can be used for everything, from the representation of a sacred belief to the building of a masterpiece. Aarya 24KT offers a wide range of high-end Gold Foil items. Aarya’s variety is unrivalled in the industry. Information on Our Products Made with 100% Gold The purity of the gold utilised in our products is 999.9 out of a thousand. Assay offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, London, and New York have verified the products. Strength of Silicon A thin foil is created by compressing a pure 24KT gold bar. The tiny gold foil is then permanently fused to an unique plastic silicon base to give it strength and support. The result of this union is 24KT Gold foil, which is used to create our one-of-a-kind collection.

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