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Adventuraa is a Family Entertainment Park spread across 70,000 sqft. It hosts a variety of fun activities and is all set to redefine the concept of FUN in Vadodara. Taking inputs from parks all over the world, Adventuraa is a perfect blend of Fun, Food, Family, Thrills and Parties. Experience the complete bundle of happiness and create memories for a lifetime with friends & family.

Housing 3 brands – Starland, Rush and CentreStage/Beyond Flavours, Adventuraa makes sure there is something for everyone.



To become the leading provider of thrilling and safe adventure experiences for individuals of all ages through our franchise network, while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation.


Our mission is to offer a wide range of exhilarating activities and experiences in a secure and supervised environment. Through our franchise model, we aim to bring the Adventuraa brand to new locations, providing customers with memorable adventures that combine extreme sports, freestyle gymnastics, and various other engaging activities. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, professionally trained staff, and a diverse range of entertainment options for individuals, families, and groups.By upholding our vision and mission, we aim to establish Adventuraa franchises as the go-to destinations for adventure enthusiasts, ensuring that customers can “taste the Adventuraa” in a thrilling yet safe manner

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