Airier is an advanced electric scooter manufacturer that is a part of the Airier Natura group. The Airier Natura group, which was founded in 1987, is a leading producer of renewable energy products whose main values are rooted in customer loyalty, satisfaction, and a principled approach in every industry. Bangalore-based Airier Natura Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of vintage ventilators, eco ventilators, industrial roof ventilation fans, bio geysers, eco geysers, biomass gasifiers, and other products.

Airier is one of the major producers of eco air ventilators in India in this era of globalisation and technology, influencing industries to make the ‘Change for the Better’ – from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Following in the footsteps of our predecessors, our company has now expanded into a new area of manufacturing, that of electric vehicles. The idea of continually being imaginative and mindful about the Go Green concept was a seed in this project’s development. However, the emergence of an unanticipated global pandemic (COVID 19) has heightened our awareness of the risks and consequences of exposure to any dangerous and harmful pollution emitted by existing fuel-driven vehicles, necessitating fast action on this project.

By developing Electric Vehicles, we, as Airier, have come a step closer to contributing to the global ecological balance.

Mission: To develop futuristic and self-renewing solutions that will not only improve living today, but will also contribute to a better tomorrow.

To Plant a Better Planet, to be the most trusted product manufacturer brand across markets by producing new and zero-emission products, profitable and benefiting the firm, customers, employees, and community in greater numbers.

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