Do you want to invest in an auto franchise with a rising platform and become India’s largest vehicle distributor?

Atul Auto Ltd is a company that manufactures automobiles.

  • Atul Auto vehicles are among the toughest, most dependable, most cost-effective three-wheelers on the road today. The three-wheeler industry is being redefined by ATUL vehicles. Since the 1970s, more than 1 million ATUL cars have been on the road around the world.
  • With a presence in 21 states and 200 primary and 130 secondary networks, they are one of India’s fastest-growing three-wheeler companies. The company’s dealership, sales, service, and spare parts network spans the world and includes over 600 touchpoints.

Why should you consider opening an Atul Auto Dealership in India?

  • The manufacturing turnover has increased thrice in the last five years. In the fiscal year 2018-19, the company generated a revenue of Rs. 661.35 crore.
  • It allows you to become a distributor of the company’s most tough auto vehicles in India.
  • Exceptional return on investment

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