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Crafting Delicious Moments

Aurum, the perfect blend of bakery and cafe, is your go-to for freshly baked bread and delightful cookies. Our goodies are baked with love and dedication right here in our kitchen.

Quality is our promise. All our bread and cookies are crafted in-house to ensure every bite is a moment of pure indulgence.

What began with a home baker’s dream has grown into a family of 20+ passionate individuals. We’re dedicated to making your experience at Aurum unforgettable.


Our mission at Aurum is to blend the artistry of baking with the warmth of community. We aspire to consistently deliver quality, homemade goodness that creates lasting memories for our customers. Aurum is dedicated to making simple moments extraordinary through the magic of our  delectable creations.


vision for Aurum, we see a community brought together by the love of good food and shared moments. We strive to be the heart of local connections, where every bite is a celebration, and our warmth extends beyond our kitchen into the lives of our customers. Aurum envisions a future where our brand becomes synonymous with simple joys, creating a legacy of cherished memories and culinary excellence.

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