TAKE ADVANTAGE OF AUTOTRIZ! • Full variety of professional grade, Auto Detailing products • Extensive selection of original & certified Nano Coating Applications & Products (v1 to v7) for each surface to generate desired protection and enhance its performance • TUV-SUD, Reach, and IDA certifications • On-site Staff training and franchisee studio visits • Studio Set Up – Interior & Exterior design and branding assistance • Physical & Digital Marketing material, guidance, and support • Joint Venture – The franchisee may offer complementary automotive services. PPF, Sun films, Accessories, Mods, and so on. Scratch Resistant (Exceeds 9H hardness) l High Durability l High Gloss, Shine, and Reflection l Super Hydrophobic l Chemical, Weather, Corrosion, and UV Ray Resistant l Heat Resistant l Coating Thickness (10-15 microns) (Temperatures up to 700°C)

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