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About Us:

Aviva Herbal PVT LTD established in 2020 with a thought of rural and urban development. The company is not merely an organization but a thought of creating a healthy society through Natural Herbal Product.

We value our customers and believe that a qualitative life can be provided to them by delievering superior quality of products. This is our primary apprehension and thus, we try to take every measure to ensure quality like the Unique ID system which will help to stop fake products. 

We recognize farmers as our main assets as they provide herbal and organic products on contract farming. The company takes various initiatives for farmers to raise their income and provide surety towards sale of their produce. Our manufacturing units process consumables like food items, medicines etc. These are made available to consumers through a wide network of Authorized Aviva Herbal Stores and retails shops. 

Our efforts in the sectors of social welfare and health are guided by our values. We consider ‘Natural Care’ above everything else. We believe in optimum utilization of our capabilities for the betterment of the society. Our functionality and concepts make us a distinguished organization. 

Franchisee – Distribution Partner

Profit & Margin – 17% INR Fix for each Delivery

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