Late Sr. Lal Singh founded BASANT Kulfi in 1952 with a very small quantity and handmade only. He was supplying Kulfi on his hand cart in various schools. Later in 1965 he opened a rented out shop at field Gunj outside kucha no.5 for his Kulfi only.

In early 1970’s his son Sr. Rajinder Singh joined his father’s Kulfi Business and later on made his innovations of Ice Creams, such as Fruit Ice Cream, Kulfi Gharey wali, Milk Badam and many more. In few years they bought their own shop which became very popular and still very famous in the city area of Ludhiana.

In 1992 they expanded with a modern Ice Cream Parlor at Field Gunj, Kucha No. 9. Sr. Rajinder singh’s sons Charanjit Singh & Kanwal Preet Singh joined their family business and expanded with food joint. They added Chinese Food to that outlet which generated great response in Ludhiana. Later on they have expanded their business all over in Ludhiana

In 2002 Charanjit Singh has got the responsibilities of Ice Cream business and managing Ultra Modern Ice Cream factory at Rajguru Nagar, Ludhiana. All the machineries are imported from Italy to manufacture high quantity with unmatched quality as we have to supply all over Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal and Jammu.

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