A group of friends came up with the idea for Biryani Darbar, or BD for short, while eating lunch at a similar restaurant. BD, a restaurant in Dombivli, delivers exquisite food. They’re concentrating their efforts in places like Dombivli, Thane, Koparkhariane, Vashi, and others. Their next project will be done by the end of the quarter and will be of the same high quality and level as their previous ones. It started out as a tiny company and has since expanded to its current size.

a menu (The Taste of Hyderabad)

Starters, Biryani, Tandoor, Shorba, Main Course, Indian Bread, Chinese, Combos, Desserts, and Beverages

Prospects for the Future

The franchise is currently moving at a snail’s pace, with only one restaurant opening per year. They do, however, want to open 50 restaurants in India during the next ten years. In a number of states around the country, it has witnessed great growth opportunities. Goa, Karnataka, Punjab, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore are among their current targets. Their goal is to become a well-known brand that people will identify with quality and customer service. In and of itself, the name should act as a brand emblem. They are adamant about expanding their eateries across the country and around the world.

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