Looking for a business model that really works? BIZpaye is what you need!

BIZpaye is B2B barter platform which offers connectivity to its member to trade in barter as well as in cash locally and internationally. The BIZpaye business model is simple, after completing our initial start up training program; your role will be to recruit as many new local businesses to join the BIZpaye program and to assist them to trade on a daily basis.

One of the main advantages for any business who trades within the BIZpaye Program is the fact that BIZpaye can offer a 200% Guarantee that we can bring any business “New Customers”. No one else offers a Guarantee in Business like BIZpaye does.

BIZpaye International has already established Franchises offices in Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore and Thailand, with more countries coming online such as Canada, India, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Sri Lanka, USA, and Vietnam.

Once a business applies to become a member, as a BIZpaye Franchisee you are empowered to allocate your new member with an account number and card similar in all aspects to a credit card, plus an Interest Free Line of Credit and from there, your role is to assist your members to trade within the BIZpaye program.

Each and every time they use their BIZpaye card to trade with other BIZpaye members worldwide, these members will pay a transaction fee for the privilege of using the BIZpaye system.

What Franchisee can expect?

  • Franchisee training at Head office i.e. at Goregaon, Mumbai
  • Marketing & advertising support
  • Operating manuals
  • Guidance form experts

This is the opportunity you cannot afford to miss, contact today for more details!

Thanks & Regards

BIZpaye Trade Services Pvt. Ltd Team

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