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Bodypower Nutrition is a pioneer in the field of sports and performance nutrition in India. Since 2012, Bodypower Nutrition has been using diet and sports nutrition to help athletes, endurance athletes, professional body builders and fitness enthusiasts, and models achieve their fitness and peak performance goals. We are glad to offer ourselves as the exclusive brand of an interesting and innovative line of nutritious goods produced by the world’s most reputable and authenticated nutrition firms, including GMP, NSF, and FSSAI approved products.

We distribute unique, technology-based, patented nutrition items such as Proteins, Gainers, Fat Loss Products, Pre and Post Workout Products, Vitamins, and Gym Accessories, as well as Organizers of Nutrition, Fitness, Lifestyle, Physiotherapy, and Ergonomics Workshops.

We don’t cut corners on product and service quality, and we only distribute the world’s greatest brands that fulfil stringent quality standards directly from the manufacturer’s house, rather than via a third-party supplier.

Services and Products

Proteins, gainers, fat-loss supplements, pre- and post-workout supplements, vitamins, and so on
Accessories for the Gym
Workshops on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, physiotherapy, and ergonomics are part of the training programmes.
Benefits of Becoming a Bodypower Partner

Nutritionists and women at home who aim to be Homopreneurs and registered partners can participate in a programme that facilitates networking opportunities.
Even from the comfort of your own home, you may gain access to world-class training, knowledge, and marketing possibilities, as well as generate cash.
As a Fitness Partner, you’ll have access to business, sales, and marketing resources to help you expand your network and better serve your end customers.
Why do we have a franchise?

a tried and true business formula
The business is simple to manage.
A chance to work with a well-known brand
Business model with a low initial investment
Business that is extremely profitable
What Does a Franchisee Receive?
Follow a tried-and-true company approach.

High investment returns
Assistance with marketing
Support for advertising

Locations of Preference

India as a whole

You may count on the company’s assistance.

We will assist the franchisee with marketing, branding, operational support, location selection, and staffing and training.


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