Born Genio franchise opportunity for the one planning in education sector!
Born Genio – We here use Dermatoglyphics to discover the inborn intelligence of each individual with their Personal Learning Style and Professional suggestion will be given to understand and solve Career and Behaviour related queries.

What goes into a Born Genio Intractive Franchise?
Your initiative
Your resources
Your hard work
Your commitment
Your entrepreneurial spirit
Your desire to have control over your future
Your need for independence & your love of children
Franchisee Profile:
An individual entrepreneur who invests fully in the adventure
A person who already have a proven track record in similar business will be a plus
A person sharing entrepreneurial values: curiosity, dynamism, team spirit and stubbornness
Support & Benefits:
Marketing assistance
Advertisement support
Assistance in site selection
Reputed brand name & goodwill benefit
Good returns on investment
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