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About Us:

Brain Checker Techno Services (India) is India’s Largest Career Counseling & Brain Development Company with over 100+ Premium Partners and 650+ Counselors in 23 States in India. Brain Checker was born to satiate the ever-increasing need of parents to ascertain the right career for their child. Brain Checker offers unparalleled Testing, Assessment, Intervention Support for Parents and Students aimed at providing scientific assistance for the evaluation of careers and charting out a definite road map for success.

We have won 3 National Awards. Brain Checker is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2007 Certified Enterprise, with the Head Office in Nashik, Maharashtra. 


Life Member of the American Psychological Association
Life Member Indian School Psychology Association
Founder Member, Career Counseling Psychology Association of India
Life Member World Franchise Council 
Life Member Indian Franchise Association

Key Achievements:

Ranked India’s Top 10 Career Counseling Companies of 2019 by Silicon India Magazine
Awarded India’s 15th Top Franchisor in the Top 100 Franchisors of 2017 by Franchising Asia (Only Education Brand in Top-20 across all categories)
Awarded India’s Top 30 Franchisor by Franchising World Magazine, 2016
Awarded India’s Top 100 Franchisor by Franchising World Magazine, 2014
Recognized as Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 by Yo! Success
Tie-Up with several CBSE & ICSE Schools including Mount Litera (Zee TV School), Delhi Public School, Ryan International School and more
We have been written about by Leading Newspapers of India including The Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Dainik Bhaskar, Divya Marathi, Lokmat, Samay Oriya and many more!


Brain Checker has 5 Key Products each of which caters to a different target audience.

Brain Checker CIQT(Caliber Intelligence Quotient Test): Exclusively Developed by Dr. Jonathan Oliver, Ph.D., Psychology & Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Ph.D., Psychology.
Brain Stamina, (Dr. Greg Wallace): Personalised Cognitive Brain Development Program with over 200 Hours of System Assisted Brain Development for 45 Core Cognitive Skills
Brain Checker, Multiple Intelligence Assessment Test to evaluate & identify 8 Multiple Intelligence Structure of your Child & his Learning Styles, Personality, etc
Brain Checker Psychometric Assessment (BCPA): A proprietory psychometric assessment implemented in more than 100+ Schools in India
Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test (BEST): India’s only Engineering Sorter Test for Engineering Aspirants evaluating them on interest preference against 100+ Engineering Specialisations.

Our concept of business-


CIQT is designed for students aged 13 to 21 and is a 1 hour Offline Test compatible in 13 Indian Languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil and many more
CIQT provides an 18 Page Assessment Report detailing the child’s Indianised Intelligence Quotient & bench-marking it against 200 Generic Careers in India
CIQT has been implemented in more than 100+ Schools in India & has been written about in the International Journal of Indian Psychology.

Brain Stamina:

Brain Stamina has been developed by Dr. Greg Wallace, Ph.D., Psychology & Dr. Yi Ling, Ph.D., Psychology for Cognitive Brain Development using Computer-Aided Programs
Brain Stamina works on Dr. J P Guilford’s Structure of Intellect Theory and focuses on the development of 45 Core Cognitive Skills in over 200 Hours of Gamified Learning
Brain Stamina has been designed for kids aged 7 to 19 years & has several benefits including an increase in academic score of the student by up to 10%*

Multiple Intelligence Assessment:

Multiple Intelligence Assessment Test used Dermatoglyphics as a tool to evaluate a child on Dr. Howard Gardner’s 8 Multiple Intelligence Theory
MI Assessment is offered in English, Hindi & Marathi and comes in a 41-Page Colour Report Format for the student to understand their innate talents
Brain Checker has more than 40+ Practicing Doctor’s as Authorized Franchises offering MI Assessments to their patients or the open market

Psychometric Assessment:

Brain Checker Psychometric Assessment (BCPA) evaluates the test taker on Intelligence, Personality, Occupational Preference and cross maps his/her capabilities against 200+ Career Specialisations
BCPA is offered in English & Hindi
BCPA is a 90-minute system based evaluation of the child’s intelligence, personality type & occupational predispositions
BCPA has been implemented in 100+ CBSE & ICSE Schools in India

Engineering Sorter Test:

Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test (BEST) is India’s Only Interest Test designed for Engineering Aspirants
BEST is offered in English and is a 60 minute MCQ Based Interest Evaluation Assessment
BEST evaluates the child’s interest and cross matches it with 100+ Engineering Specialisations evaluating suitable engineering options, projecting demand curve with a 10-year vision and recommends off-beat engineering specializations which have the higher scope in the near future
BEST has been implemented in 50+ IIT Coaching Classes

The Market Potential:

India is currently the world’s 2nd most populated nation with around 40% of our population under the age of 24. 
We are set to be the World’s Youngest Work-Force. 
The Indian Education Space is growing at a staggering 20% year-on-year and is pegged to be worth 110 Billion Dollars by 2020.
Indian Parents spend almost 25% of their monthly income on their Child (Including Education, Extra-Curricular Activities, Leisure, etc)

Why take up a Brain Checker  Franchise?

Brain Checker is India’s Largest Career Counselling & Brain Development Company with 100+ Premium Partners in over 23 States in India
International Tie-Ups with Brain Stamina (Dr. Greg Wallace) and CIQT (Dr. Jonathan Oliver)
Awarded with 4 National Awards in 2019, 2017, 2016 and 2014 respectively
Awarded India’s Top 20 Brands under Low-Cost Business Opportunities of 2017 by Franchise India
Up to 80% Profits, recovery of investment in less than 1 year
Return on Investment of up to 200%
ERP & Management Software Support 24×7
Training by Ph.D. Subject Matter Experts! (All Video-Graphed Training Material)
Lead Generation Back-End Integration with, &
Location or Office is not required for starting a Brain Checker Franchise

We will not only train you and certify you but will also guarantee student leads for Business Expansion. Excited? 

So fill up the Application Form here and let our Business Development team take you through a World Class Franchise Opportunity.

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