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Who are we, exactly?

Brainywood is an Ed-tech business based in Rajasthan, India, that specialises in research and development in the fields of innovative learning and brain science. We are introducing the Science of Recollection, which is the Fourth Dimension of Education. Through seminars, workshops, institutes, and franchise training models, our research and training initiatives have already impacted over 5 million families and over 10 million people across the country.

What can we do to assist you?

-Brainywood offers training programmes that focus on breaking the tendency of forgetting by using imagination and association to transfer study knowledge into long-term memory. Brainywood teaches students new and proven mnemonic science approaches based on educational psychology, with a focus on memorising retention and remembrance, so that they can enjoy the syllabus, memorise faster, and recollect the material examinations accurately. Reading, writing, understanding, memorization, retention, and finally recollection are all completed by Brainywood.

Our Purpose

“To reduce suicidality and stress among Indian students by 50% in the following five years, by 2025.”

Our Goals

“To provide our young students with a stress-free education”

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