CHARIZMA CHARIZMA CHARIZMA CHARIZMA CHARIZMA The top designers in India have created jewellery that expresses its originality. Our exceptional craftsmanship is what makes designer jewellery appealing and distinguishes it from the competition. Long years of practise and dexterity go into making the jewellery so beautiful. Intricate patterns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Designer jewellery nowadays is made with valuable semiprecious stones and a silver basis in the style of current gold. The collections include of ensembles of many types of newest fashion settings, such as Kundan, Mmeenakari, Jadau, Thewa, and so on. Life’s Colors Semiprecious stones are increasingly being used in jewellery designs. Dark-hued stones are ideal for the autumn and winter seasons. These are also starting to show up. Also, the new age jewellery. Even diamonds have gone pink to keep up with the profusion of colours, as the new age woman is looking at tones of purple, crimson, pink, and fire colours. American diamonds that are semi-precious and have a

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