To make each ride exuberant, Corebikerz is here with a niche focus on delivering Custom Bike parts at your doorstep. Our team always strives to reach out our customers with the best quality equipment at the most competitive prices based on rigorous market research. CorebikerZ is among India’s few companies serving online for Automobile sector and 1st company operating in the specified segment of the market.

We design them, we play with them, we ride them, we race them and we commute on them. Our bikes are a product of the passion, the accessories are an extension of ourselves. Corebikerz, a dedicated automobile company focuses on providing doorstep service to personnel two wheelers and enthusiast with Custom Bike products and knowledge that fulfills the needs and demands at the rightmost price.

Primarily focusing on market research our aim is to give quality and unique products to our bikerz across the globe. A B2B and B2C model based company processing smart company strategies and successfully remitting our consumers quality products and smooth service. As your passion with safety is our utmost concern, Our mission is clean and short “To Achieve Highest Level of Customer Satisfaction”. So however deep in you is biking, Corebikerz have it all to suit you!

Corebikerz is emerging out as a leading manufacturer which consistently tops value for money, safety rankings and customer satisfaction across their extensive range of vehicles. Within a very short span of time, Corebikerz has gathered a loyal client base who values the solid reputation of their bikes. This reputation has been built on the quality, reliability, and durability of their product.

Corebikerz has focussed on clever interior design to increase maximize comfort and provide the latest in technology features across their range. The sheer range of products that Corebikerz has designed and produced means that there is truly something for everyone. There is no doubt that Corebikerz has earned its reputation for being one of the leading bike’s parts manufacturers in today’s market. Their name for quality, safety, and performance across their diverse range of accessories ensures that they stand apart from their competition. Why not experience the difference for yourself!!

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