We create luxury and world-class timepieces using Swiss technology, with all of the assembly taking place in the United States. Our watches are wonderfully designed, with high-quality batteries, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to detail in every detail, so that when you wear one, you feel confident, graceful, and stylish.

We not only devote our time and efforts to the production of watches, but we also collaborate with groups that assist the less fortunate. So, if you decide to join the Craig Shelly franchise, you will have the opportunity to serve the world and help the needy, which is fantastic. So, in addition to providing luxury timepieces and watches for all occasions, our brand also caters to societal developments in our society.

Craig Shelly provides their franchisees with all of the necessary support, including staff training, assisting them in approaching the right group of customers, organising marketing and promotion seminars, and, most importantly, advising them on infrastructure because premium watch displays should be done properly.

If this seems appealing, consider Craig Shelly’s jewellery and watch franchise options. If you’ve made up your mind, contact us right away to meet with one of our apparel business consultants and get the best advice on jewellery and watch franchise opportunities.

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