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DC Vehicle Studio is a professional automotive studio that offers first-hand car experience with the best created and tested car care solutions. Professional mechanised cleaning solutions and car detailing services are available from DC Car Studio. It’s a one-of-a-kind mechanised automobile cleaning concept in which cars are pampered with cutting-edge technology such as high-pressure cleaning machines, spray injection and extraction machines, high-powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, and so on. We painstakingly clean, polish, and protect all areas of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, with specialised tools and products that a common car cleaner would not use. We want to change the way people think about car washing in the country and promote a clean automobile culture. Foam wash, steam wash, VIP wash, interior cleaning, polymer coating, synthetic coating, hydra coating, shield coating, 9H ceramic coating, seat cover, trim coating, glass treatment, 3D and 5D matts, silencer coating, rubber coating, headlight treatment, car wrapping, AC vent cleaning treatment, paint protective film, hydro graphics, ozone treatment, headlight treatment, and so on are some of the services we offer.

We are a professional automated cleaning solution platform that also offers car detailing services, all with the goal of exceeding customer expectations. Through our franchise model, we will redefine the concept of auto cleaning across the country by instilling a clean car culture. We are most well-known for our high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable products, which have helped to set the standard in automotive technology. Our every vehicle is meticulously detailed, and we provide good and cautious protection to offer consumers with a lively and unique experience by pledging to provide the best services possible at all times. Detailing and washing are the two key categories in which we provide services. Our consumers can choose between the two or both at the same time, depending on their preferences.

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