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Donear, one of India’s largest textile manufacturers, provides high-end fashion textiles like as Suiting, Shirting, and Trouser, which are extremely popular and in high demand. With over three decades of experience, Donear has expanded its skills in infrastructure, logistics, information technology, management, administration, supply chain management, back office, branding, merchandising, distribution, and other areas to make D’Cot India’s top value retail brand. Vivek Oberoi has been picked to further increase D’Cot’s celebrity as a young, dynamic, and very stylish actor. D’Cot’s brand ambassador is seen endorsing its products in TV commercials on major television networks, as well as advertisements in major newspapers, which will be backed up by banners, posters, hoardings, and a slew of additional below-the-line activities. This will impart a sense of youth and freshness.

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