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Denim Hub Lifestyle Pvt Ltd is a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector and one of India’s fastest-growing branded apparel brands. Denim Hub is a well-known brand for young people. Denim Hub began operations in Maharastra in 2013 and began franchising in 2016. We are both the producer and the retailer. We have almost 200 locations. It created premier labels after cementing its market position with its own brands, allowing Indian consumers to purchase the most prestigious worldwide fashionwear and accessories across the country.

Our Purpose:

Our goal is to bring new and innovative concepts to life in the world of casual wear fashion. Our platform enables us to present a compelling and well-balanced offering for the highest-quality products on the market.

Why are we here?

We already have 200 stores with 80,000 square feet of retail space, and we plan to open more than 350 department stores in 2018-19.

For guys, we offer a high-end fashion retailer that brings together the most up-to-date current trends as well as the most original and creative designers from across the world.

We are offering franchise opportunities in India to spread our vision, fashion, trends, and growth.

We respectfully encourage you to become a part of our team by launching a franchise with us. We are excited to collaborate with our franchise partner.

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