About DoughFather

A ferocious listener, keen observer and smart mover, is what makes him a formidable entrepreneur. Trained at the Oberoi Centre for Learning & Development; he went on to work with international brands in hotel industry such as IHG & Mariott before moving on to start up his brand ‘Urban Khichdi’. His love for food is evident from his silhouette and his panache for fusion food from his cooking, which he does oh so often. He believes in minimalism as it leads to efficiency. Almost every day he would end up wearing a black t-shirt with blue denim, which is a staple in his wardrobe, this tradition is a petite instance of his time management. He precisely knows how to cater to the masses as well as the classes, and can preserve just the right balance by bringing about the best of both worlds. He has the memory like that of an elephant which makes a stunning permutation with his attention to detail. Reticent and introvert but wouldn’t stop articulating with delight if the tête-à-tête is regarding business, dogs, Sherlock, adventure or movies (horror). Affable with one and all, yet has a particularly small circle of confidants.

His philanthropy is not limited to human beings; he’d always carry a pack of biscuits, just in case he finds someone in need of it. Fancies a cold dark brew of coffee and sips his tea at room temperature. He secretly fantasises of wandering off into the valley of Ladakh to count the stars and probably never return.

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