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In the education sector, the Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute, or DPMI, is equipped with advanced studies courses and was founded in Delhi with the goal of offering quality paramedical, hospitality, and hotel management education at the under 10th, 10+2, graduate, and postgraduate levels. DPMI has been providing skill-based technical education for over 21 years.

With a medium investment, one can start a DPMI franchise. If money is spent well, the entire investment will be around 8 to 15 lakhs, but it could rise to 20 lakhs if the college is made more accommodating and appealing in order to attract more students and provide them with the best instruction. Though the exact size of the space required varies depending on location, student capacity, and the types of courses offered, 2500 to 3000 square feet should suffice for now.

Details on the franchise:

The return on investment is determined by the courses offered and the needs of students in the area where the franchise is established. Though the admissions procedure, assessments, and other aspects of the programme are all established online by DPMI, recruiting students is not a problem if the faculty is talented and experienced. No extra fees are necessary. DPMI shares Rs.7000 per student as royalty fees. DPMI, on the other hand, offers a complete support system.

  • DPMI is committed to upholding the high standards that they have established and consequently provides considerable support to their franchise partners.
  • Training support – DPMI provides training to faculty and counsellors, as well as marketing and sales training and training for new products, such as new educational programmes.
  • In addition, DPMI offers induction workshops for their franchisees and support employees.
  • System support – DPMI creates admissions processes, administers online exams, and provides a system for keeping track of students and managing day-to-day activities at the centre.
  • Marketing and advertising help – DPMI handles national and international marketing and advertising.
  • The DPMI franchise agreement is for three years and can be renewed if the centre meets all of the qualifications, terms, and conditions.

There are currently 27 DPMI facilities operating successfully, assisting students in achieving their goals in the paramedical and hospitality sectors.

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