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DRIPP Digital India Ltd. is incorporated in 2016 by deploying 100s of years of cumulative on-ground and corporate experience of the promoters and by merging various businesses of group companies. The central objective of the DRIPP is to build a Techno-Commercial-Socio platform for all kind of Professionals with a vision to bring them together for better service delivery mechanism, business and trade

For this purpose, the company has come up with one of the biggest web portals of the country with multiple mobile Apps to cover a large segment of population. The company is on its move to establish its business at almost every nook and corner of the country through its established business network.

Dripp wants to deal with the professionals enthusiastic about business expansion

Introduction of the brand

DRIPP has adopted Indirect Business Chain Development and Management to establish and run its businesses with a clear intention to promote entrepreneurship and self employment in the country. It believes in the concept of “Together we can win”.

DRIPP has total 10 Business segments out of which 8 segments are public centric and are designed in a way that can generate business every minute.

These Eight Segments are:

1. Data, Design and Print Segment

2. B2B and B2C Market Place and Wholesale Business Segment

3. Technology Segment

4. Recruitment Segment

5. Services Delivery Segment

6. Leads and Opportunity Management Segment

7. Education Segment

8. Community Services Segment

Market graph (mission and vision)


To support the vision of the company, DRIPP has built a platform with eight large business segments to bring professionals and business houses together. The mission of the company is to take the quality products and services of all the segments of the company to every corner of the country to serve the citizen with economy and help them to enrich their life and businesses. Numerically, the company has a mission to cover 500 million citizens of India in various phases by covering more than 300 cities and town.

To fulfil the targeted mission, DRIPP is putting efforts to bring about a million professionals and large number of business houses together.


The commitment of the organisation is to

Enable professionals to exercise the power of togetherness on the single largest platform of the nation
Inspire the businesses to be focussed towards development and growth of the entire nation.
DRIPP wants to contribute to Digital India by building a strong Techno – commercial Platform for all Professionals of the country.
To build a seamless and single window system for better communication and ultimately better business.
Franchise support

DRIPP does not take any of the stakeholders as business partners rather it believes it to be a family. The entire business is planned to build and address the business jointly by applying the concept of De-Risking at all the levels in order to ensure better ROI and ROR

The Company is looking forward to get associated with

Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs), Segment Based Partners (SBPs) and Individual Business Partners (IBPs).
SAPs are Management Partners, SBPs are Activity Partners and IBPs are Ground Partners.
Partners can be for Data, Design and Print Business, B2B Market Place and Wholesale Business, Technology Business, Recruitment Business and Education Business.

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