Bingo Enterprises has been providing the culinary sector with Eatalios since 2011. It has given QSR new dimensions by introducing unique concepts for everyday products.

Eatalios was founded to serve Italian and Continental cuisine with a dash of Indian flavour.


We enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting with them. Eatalios is based on great cuisine, good value for money, and a nice ambiance, all of which are fueled by this thought and enthusiasm for food. The menu is well-thought-out and well-designed, with something for everyone in the family.


We pioneered the concept of live cooking, which allows customers to see how their food is prepared and address sanitary concerns in real time.


To celebrate important occasions or simply to add a bit of fun to life, indulge in a variety of delectable delights.It is positioned for long-term franchise growth with industry-leading menus, branding, franchise operations, systems, and facilities!

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