Normark Fashions publicly introduced Estele in November 1989, ushering in a new era in fashion jewellery. Estele is a joint venture between Normark Designs (P) Ltd in Hyderabad and Normark Fashions, Inc in Canada. It represents the synergy of the two worlds and the influence of Western fashions in India.

Estele means’star,’ and that’s precisely what we want our clients to feel with our diverse collection of designs. The modern woman is a symbol of flair and elegance, a monument to her foremothers who wore jewellery as armour throughout history, and a ray of hope for the future. At Estelle, we believe in creating items that are more than just a fashion statement; they complete the wearer and are as much a part of them as they are. Estelle is more than just a jeweller.

Estelle is currently giving franchising possibilities to interested business owners.

“Estele” is a brand of fashion jewellery founded in Hyderabad that has a pan-India network and is searching for more franchisees. We are a 32-year-old fashion jewellery and accessories business (formerly Estelle) with over 700 direct and indirect outlets of sale.

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