Kaspar Faber, a cabinet craftsman, relocated in Stein, near Nuremberg, Germany, in 1761 to start making his first basic pencils. He went out of his way to plane and glue each one by hand. This high-quality craftsmanship paid off, as sales of his pencils soared at the Nuremberg market. The Pencil Making Family Dynasty had begun. Lothar Faber, his Great Grandson, transformed the corporation in the mid-nineteenth century. He mechanised production, reaching hitherto unheard-of quality uniformity. He devised the hexagonal pencil and established size and hardness specifications for pencils that are still in use today. These were the first ever Brand Name Writing items, as well as some of the world’s earliest branded articles. FaberCastell India began operations in 1998 and has continued to set new standards in product and packaging innovation in the Indian stationary market since then. During the previous ten years

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