Many great companies are struggling, and many people aspire to start new business which will keep on growing despite any situation. Companies not providing essential services have been shut down. Some that remain open aren’t profitable. These circumstances are temporary, but for many, the aftermath will also not be permanent. Some won’t survive even. So, what happens to those businesses when the quarantine ends or during the quarantine period ? What happens to those , who have eager and hunger to do something different, what happens to those , who would like to grow and grow despite any circumstances and what happens to those who want to have a secured life ahead.

The economy needs commerce, and workers need jobs and people needs best services and best products. Foogi Franchise ownership is a big part of that. As an industry that typically will be employing many people in India, we need franchise businesses up and running as quickly as possible.

Those with the financial means will find opportunities around. In some cases, they’ll come from franchisors eager to jumpstart expansion. It’s also likely there’ll be many franchise locations that couldn’t endure the prolonged stoppage. You may be able to quickly acquire a business that just needs someone to switch on the lights.

If you’re now contemplating a move into taking a franchise of a company, where you want to secure your investment as well as future, then Foogi Franchisee is right choice, also widely accepted by many.

Even if the pandemic hasn’t impacted your body, it may have impacted your psyche. Many people are making emotionally driven decisions they’ll regret. Foogi helps one to deliberate their plans, to stay objective, to buy a Foogi Franchise to make oneself feel better, because it’s a smart decision made with logic and clarity.

Unlike its competitors, Foogi has intervened in the current market with the motive to ensure ‘on-time delivery’ to its customers. It has been observed many a time that customers have to face the delaying of order issue due to the time-consuming procedures of major platforms in the competition. But, Foogi is focused on rendering the location services to ensure that all the orders get fulfilled on or before time.

“Foogi Solutions Pvt Ltd” Provides a platform for all home-services needs of anyone at a location basis.

Due to all services and daily orders based at location –

It is convenient for customer to avail their services or shopping needs as fast as possible and that too, at their preferred timeslot.
The providers are also based at nearby location of registered customers with geofencing enablement so that orders are fulfilled with quality and prompt refund or payment is addressed. Location based on demand Foogi helps customer to talk with drivers or vendors for their orders on a real time basis.
On our platform, we aim to convert un-organized sector into organized one such as Laundry, Electrician, Plumber, Vegetable, Fruits,NonVeg, Food , Tiffin Services ,Grocery and many other at just one click. Our unique products such as on location product , services, subscription, appointment , upload cross orders have been accepted by many Foogi Customers and today many are using Foogi to fulfill their daily needs because of our unique value proposition.
Our proposal outlines Foogi’s proposition along with estimated cost and the revenue structure. Please note, this is an estimate, actual may vary based on your performance on ground. We welcome further discussions with you as to how we can better serve your current and future needs. If you would like to join Foogi to work together with a dream of to do different attitude or to expand your current Grocery or Vegetable or any of retail business , we would request you to stay in touch. Foogi believes in Unity, Honesty , Transparency and with this vision, Foogi would also like minded person who can be a true Franchisee and then we together can Grow. Be in touch with us today for a successful energetic business , way forward.

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