Join hands with FYI Foods Pvt. Ltd – one of the best eating points serving mouth watering multi cuisine quick food to the customers. The menu here is but only a part of the bigger picture that is painted with the hues of fun, youthfulness & innovation.

Why FYI Foods Pvt. Ltd?
FYI Foods Pvt. Ltd. has been serving food industry since 2009.
It has brought new dimensions to QSR’s by bringing in novel ideas for a routine product.
Selling Noodles in various flavours and dishes has received amazing response making it a big hit among youngsters.
Currently running successfully in 10 different cities and allocating more of it territoriality
Based on “Great returns on investment”
Franchisor Requirements:
FYI will need a minimum operational space of 300 sq. ft. to bring in the kitchen and tilling point in function and additional 500 sq. ft. minimum as retail area.
Seeking local semi-skilled cooks who will be trained and inducted in FYI. Training will be given at the training centres under the guidance of the trained crew for a defined period.
FYI Foods Pvt. Ltd Franchise Benefits/support:
FYI Franchise Start-up kit which includes: franchisee letterhead, letter pads, business cards, envelopes, fyi uniforms for staff, certificate of authorized franchisee and few more surprise gifts.
POS billing cum Franchise Management software (Excluding Hardware) which gives the insights of the system operationally and puts you in an economically controlled environment yielding profits
Designs for all sorts of internal/external branding which includes sign boards, menu cards, inside store visuals, offer vouchers, danglers, standees etc. shall be provided by FFPL throughout the tenure of franchise.
Training of franchise operations
Designs related to interiors & decors of FYI outlet.
Initial advertisement & promotions push from FFPL.
“If you are interested in this food franchise concept, contact us as soon as possible”.

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