Since its inception in 1982, the GD Goenka Group has pursued diverse interests in real estate, educational institutions, travel and tourism, polyester buttons, garments, and other exports. A plethora of educational institutions, ranging from pre-school to post-graduate institutes, support an ideal and conducive environment for providing education that can be benchmarked against the best in the world, with world-class infrastructure, healthy and well-equipped libraries and Hi-tech laboratories, and a dedicated and seasoned academic staff.

The G D Goenka Lá Petite” Montessori preschools, the newest addition to the galaxy of institutions, are currently number 15 and are growing by the day.

Goenka, G. D. The Lá Petite curriculum is a seamless combination of the Montessori Method’s wholeness, the IB Method’s stimulation, discovery, and independence, as well as the Vedas’ cultural, reflective, and spiritual synthesis.

The future Kindergarten chain, G D Goenka Toddler House, is a new light on our ever-expanding horizon. It adapts and customises to the needs of the area, bringing the youngster closer to perfect world preparation. Its activities promote social grooming, sensitive thinking, environmental care and responsibility, sympathy, empathy, and value for both the animate and inanimate worlds. The environment at G D Goenka Toddler House is synonymous with happiness, joy, and good times.

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