Genericart Medicines Pvt. Ltd. is at the top of Generic Medicine store, PAN India with ISO 9001:2015. We are engaged in appointing franchisee of Generic Medicine shops all over India. With over 700 registered stores under SWAST AUSHADHI SEVA across Maharashtra, Karnataka & Kerala, out of which 450 are running successfully serving more than 30 lakh customers, the aim is to open more than 25000 stores across India and give the best possible service to people.

With over 10 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Mr. Salim Sayyed and Mr. Shripad Kolhatkar started Genericart Medicines with support of Mr. Anil Kilore who brought in their attention the very sad reality where people are unable to afford their medication due to high costs of medicines.

Along with providing quality Generic Medicines at affordable cost, customer satisfaction is the major social cause of our business. Due to high cost of medicines, it has become impossible for some section of population to afford even normal medication, which sometimes become fatal for patients.So, to avoid such cases we provide Generic Medicines which are 30% to 70% less than the branded cost.

USP’s Of Genericart Medicines:-

(A) India’s No.1 Generic Medicines Business Franchise Opportunity .

(B) India’s only company who is providing Quality Control Certificate of every product, every batch. Customer can check these certificate online in existing shops.

(C) Currently company is having more than 1100 registered shops naming “Swast Aushadhi Seva / Genericart Medicine” in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Goa.Out of them 950 shops are running successfully

(D) Company already in process to launch mobile application

(E) More than 50 district head already registered.

(F) More than 60 lakh satisfied customers are taking benefit from our shops

(G) Company operates through it’s own software management system.

(H) All marketing material, logo has been copyrighted and completed trademark process.

Genericart Medicines Franchise Business  Model :- 

(A) Model A – Unit Franchise 

1. Investment –  INR 8 L – INR 10 L

2. Margin On Sales :-  40% To 50 % On Products Sales At Outlet

3. Space Requreid –  120 Sq Ft – 200 Sq Ft 

(B) Model B – District Franchise

1. Investment – INR 6 L 

2. Revenue On Unit Franchise Appointment – 40% On Franchise Fees 

3. Revenue On Unit Franchise Products Sales – 5% On Unit Franchise Outlet Products Sales 

(C) Zonal State Head Franchise 

1. Investment – INR 20 L – INR 55 L  ( 250 – 900 Franchisee Outlet Coverage )

2. Revenue On Unit Franchise Appointment – 20% On Franchise Fees 

3. Revenue On District  Franchise Appointment – 20% On Franchise Fees

4. Revenue On Unit Franchise Products Sales – 5% On Unit Franchise Outlet Products Sales 

Why Franchise With Genericart Medicines :-

(A) widest range of generic medicines available among all drug store.

(B) We will provide right to use logo and trademark of our organisation right from the beginning.

(C) We help you in market research before helping you open our branch of which you take the franchise.

(D) We provide assistance at each and every stage right from setting up the store from scratch.

(E) All the person that you appoint, are scrutinised by us first and their eligibility criteria is checked, so that our customers get the best possible service.

(F) We offer train your staff for using computers, so that management becomes very easy.

(G) Your store will be monitored regularly.

(H) Business guidance and local and national marketing support is provided

(I) Easy and worry-free purchasing of items to be replenished from our commissary with twice a week delivery.

(J) We also provide additional free trainings on technical matters, new products, services and promotional activities.

Benefits & Adventates Of Genericart Medicines Franchise Business :-

(A) Wide Range of Products

(B) Digital Marketing Support

(C) Marketing Collaterals

(D) Trusted and long lasting parent company.

(E) Complete sharing of Business Know-How.

(F) Sales, Training & IT support.

(G) Assist in outlet  ,site selection, design & launch.

(H) Availability of wide range of Products & Categories to customer demand under one roof.

(I ) A Well Known Brand

(J) Extremely Low Start-Up Costs

(K) Growth Oriented Transparent Work Policies

(L) Offering Profitable Franchise Opportunity Across The India

(M) Complete Pre And After Support

(N) Low Investment High Returns

(O) Exclusive Territories

Brand is Offering Franchisees Across India

Team , Genericart Medicines Pvt Ltd 

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