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Hasbro Apparel is one of the country’s major clothing and accessory manufacturers, focused to providing men with a complete lifestyle experience. Basics 029, Genesis, Probase, and their newest retail product Basics Life are among the company’s successful brands. Hasbro presently operates 63 Exclusive Brand Outlets and over 400 Multi-Brand Outlets. Hasbro has grown from a small tailoring shop to one of the largest makers of men’s clothing. And after two decades of dazzling people, Hasbro has become overly concerned with only one thing. Fashion. Hasbro is a company that was founded in 2001. Basics Now Basics 029 and Genesis were the company’s first two brands, which were sold through Hasbro’s two separate stores Apart from its overseas exclusive store in Colombo, the company has outlets in Egmore and Nungambakkam in Chennai. Hasbro now boasts over 63,000 square feet of exclusive merchandise, up from a meagre 400 square feet in 1992.

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