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Today Hoffmen is a leading maker of men’s complete clothes in India. The Rungtas launched their first men’s clothing line, Hoffmen, in 1991, thanks to a humble beginning. As a result, the Hoffmen Gro The Hoffmen Group today has two well-known brands that are doing well in India and beyond. Every piece of Hoffmen clothing was meticulously inspected to guarantee that it was a work of art. Customer satisfaction was never less than excellent thanks to imported machinery and a professional crew. Dress code with a sense of humour There’s more to a man’s life than fast cars, attractive ladies, beer pubs, and gizmos, but it’s unquestionably incomplete without a pair of well-worn and dependable denims. It’s been a long journey.

Why did you choose Hoffmen?

Franchise for online services.

We offer high-quality retail items.

Best deals, one-of-a-kind services

Why should you consider a Hoffmen franchise opportunity?

Brand advertising that is strong.

Franchise education programmes are available.

Operational success continues.

The franchise is available all across the country.

Low initial investment yields high returns.

Facts about the franchise:

250-500 sq. ft. of space is necessary.

15–20 lakhs (Rs. 15–20 lakhs) (Rs. 15–20 lakhs) (Rs. 15–20 lakhs)

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