About the Authors: is India’s first solar e-commerce marketplace, founded by IIT, IIM alumni and seasoned MNC professionals. Its goal is to increase the number of prosumers by sharing structured information and allowing users to buy and sell solar equipment, projects, and related services online. The company is working to build a high-tech platform that will host thousands of high-quality solar goods, rooftop projects, and other services. It also assists purchasers in identifying the solar goods, projects, and services that are best suited to their needs by providing all necessary information in one place. This e-marketplace, which is backed by substantial research, core domain expertise, and an IT-enabled platform, can provide a custom-made solar solution to anybody who interacts with the platform.

Solar bridge financing, working capital financing, and water heaters are among our products and services. Rooftop kit, solar water pump, solar e-rickshaw, backpack, torch, lantern, home lighting system, and home automation system are just a few of the items available. Our products and services are all consumer-centric, and we focus on the concept of consumer-driven strategy on our platform. We have over 1500 products from 90+ brands across the country. We offer simple financing choices, as well as innovative AI solutions and IT technologies for improved efficiency. We also have a platform for ous solar, EV, and IOT kiosk models, and we make excellent use of our strengths to manufacture and provide the best and highest quality products and services to our customers.

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