Indiekidz is a preschool that focuses on to take children into the highest standard of education coming from diverse background, enable them to explore and infuse the joy of learning to set the tone for the rest of their lives. Indiekidz will provide children with a better environment, love, care, protection, and peace of mind which will help in child’s growing phase. We will provide scientifically based curriculum provide and an opportunity for the children to take part in planned, active learning experiences that will help every child to achieve success in all phases of life.

Indiekidz is the first pre-school in eastern region which is going to be an all digital pre- school. Not just with Digitally enabled classrooms and e-learning opportunities, it will also have Web applications to communicate with parents and provide information and guidance round the clock. CCTVs will be installed in every corner of the school. It will soon launch a smart phone oriented Application where a parent can view the activities of the child any moment while at day care. It is the only school with this kind of facilities. Digital Learning will also be a part of the curriculum as in today’s era every child needs the opening to prospect the extensive informative world of digitalization. It is more attractive, more interactive and more powerful in all aspect. Indiekidz also provide a digital punching system to maintain and inform parents about their child’s entrance and exit from the school premises.

ndiekidz also have its own Mascot. An adorable bear named “IKKU”.

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