Established in 2010, JJ chicken serves charcoal-barbecued chicken meals that oblige a decent diet in a quick-service environment. With a range of products, such as salads, starters, sandwiches to platters. it is right now operating 11 shops and 1 Food Truck in UAE.

It’s Not Just Chicken:

JJ Chicken is the only quick-service restaurant of legitimate charcoal-barbecued chicken that has a special and indispensable taste of charcoal grilling in its sandwiches. Our chicken is freshly marinated every day and charcoal-barbecued on demand. All sauces are freshly homemade without any additives.

JJ chicken is the only QSR of authentic charcoal-grilled chicken with the extraordinary and indispensable taste of the charcoal barbecuing in its sandwiches. JJ meals are affordable yet healthy, quickly served yet freshly prepared, offering great value for your money.

Various Varieties of salads:

The sauces and servings of mixed greens are freshly made every day without any additives. So make your pick, from salads, to wings, to your favorite dips and sauces.


All the dishes have been made by prestigious chefs and designed to encourage the consistency of our food throughout the outlets. We teach and train our staff bringing them on par with our high standards.

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