K B M Herbals. A Kabeer Sherwani Enterprise is the house of authentic herbal beauty care products and services. Unlike most of the so called herbal beauty care companies, K B M Herbals always stick to the strict and stringent quality measures and always use original and authentic herbs. Most of the companies who produce herbal products use the substitutes in place of original herbs as the original herbs are very expensive and difficult to find. It requires a lot of experience and expertise to differentiate between the original herbs and the substitutes. Though the substitutes also have some similarities with the original but the effect has a lot of difference.

We use traditional methods to prepare all our products, no machines are used to crush the herbs The herbs are hand ground and filtered through a fine cloth. We don’t use heaters or furnaces to extract the oil from the herbs, Instead we use sunlight and other lengthy procedures of oil extracting to retain the originality of the herbs.

A NO COMPROMISE policy on quality makes our products expensive but totally harmless and more effective than other brands which use the substitutes for original herbs.

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