This is a fantastic investment opportunity. Experience, benevolence, and taste span decades.


KAILASH PARBAT is a multi-cuisine restaurant that began as a roadside stand selling halwais and has grown to be the world’s most popular Indian diner with 20 to 40 franchise locations. When the Mulchandani brothers started a little business of tiny stalls selling their famous chaat Bans Road, Karachi, Pakistan in the 1940s, partition brought them to India and they began with the KAILASH PARBAT in Bombay in 1952. Since then, it has grown in popularity thanks to its wonderful ambiance and service. Now, it is the favourite of people of all ages. PARBAT KAILASH has grown into a prominent brand in the restaurant sector, satisfying cravings for North and South Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines.

KAILASH PARBAT welcomes investors to invest in great chances. Experience, benevolence, and taste span decades.

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