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Why to start King Worldwide courier franchise outlet in India

King Worldwide is the largest domestic delivery network in India and had been pioneer in doing business through franchise in courier and Cargo business. The Company was started in 2013. King Worldwide Courier is a National brand and known for its goodwill. This is businesses which gives assured profit and have potential for continuous growth. At present there are more than 400 King Worldwide outlets in India.

The success stories for few Indians confirm King Worldwide Courier franchise to be one of the best businesses with low investment.

Franchise Models Of King Worldwide Courier In India

There are four franchise models of King Worldwide operated in India. These are–

Single unit Booking Office – 75% business of King Worldwide is through single unit Booking Office and this model covers more than 95% network, making dreams of middle class person. In this model a Booking Office of King Worldwide is started in a small territory.

Franchisee – This model is for a Route having one or more Booking Office under its purview and the Route franchise is responsible for growth and development of its single unit as well as the Booking Office under its purview in the territory.

MBO franchisee – MBO franchise is the key unit for Company and appointed in different way. It acts as independent unit in a district or city having one or more reporting franchise. In other terms it is as good as extended branch responsible for growth of the Company in that region.

How to apply for King Worldwide Courier franchise in India?

One can start King Worldwide Courier franchise within 15 days. When the prospects is seen and one is willing to start franchise, on the first day there will be general discussion regarding Company and terms and conditions etc. Premises will be inspected by Company personnel on 2nd day. Application for King Worldwide franchise will be filled on 3rd and 4th day and is submitted with following documents:-

1). Demand draft for the security deposit & establishment fee as per the set guidelines.

2). Identity proof: Voters cards or driving license.

3). Address proof: Ration card or land line telephone bill.

4). Leave & license agreement or premises ownership agreement.

5). Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement.

6). Letter of reference.

Scrutiny or verification of documents will be done on 5th day and on 6th and 7th day approval will come from regional office or GM or authorized office. On 8th day Email communication will be done by GM and activation code will be provided. Then for four days that is 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th day there will be training and certificate will be given on 13th day and on 14th day you will be welcomed and introduced to HODs etc. and finally on 15th day you can start your King Worldwide franchise. For any queries or interested for franchise you can contact corporate office situated at Pune Office.

What You Get?

1). You get a global network to serve all the customers sending to 220 different countries with the most competitive rates.

2). You come under a known umbrella which will be your brand and will give you visibility in the market.

3). Create a brand which gets you retail business with a good yield.

4). Give a bouquet of services to serve the corporate and retail customers with a personal touch.

5). Provide you multimodal services to deliver from a courier to container shipments with ease.

6). Excellent information on your shipment movement to keep your customers well informed.

7). Regular training for you and your employees for international products.

8). Marketing support to increase your share in the market.

9). Different tools to make business easy.

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