LA’CHEF was established in 2009 by joint effort of young professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the hotel industry which includes domestic and international stints ranging from outdoor catering to indoor facilitations. LA’CHEF came into existence under the long term vision of a brand established and worked under different parts of the country.

It is a multi cuisine restaurant is already running in the Land of Gods Himachal Pradesh (Head office),Utter Pradesh & Jammu. The restaurant is offering the customers with finger licking food and exposure to different range and variations of taste and culinary experience. Praise and appreciation on various levels has been provided to the employees and management for the endeavour that has been put in.

We at LA’CHEF have a clear and uncompromised vision of providing our esteemed customers with an out of the world culinary experience dealing in different cuisines Indian as well as international. To through some light at the backdrop of working of LA’CHEF management, this endearing establishment is backed up by placement agency named as WHITE LOTUS. The firm WHITE LOTUS has been linked with various industry big shots.

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