We make the finest handcrafted chocolates around!

We are specialized in brigadeiros (bree-gah-day-ro), these luscious, handcrafted, chocolate truffle balls that consist primarily of local ingredients and finest cocoa.

The brigadeiro; is a common Brazilian delicacy, created in 1940. The gourmet Brigadeiro is a sophisticated version of the common brigadeiro. This new concept stands out in the selection of high quality products, individual recipes and unusual combinations of ingredients. Typically Brazilian and traditional in children’s parties, was known during the presidential political campaign of Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes candidate in 1945. During the campaign events, was served chocolate the basis of condensed milk, success that was later baptized by “brigadeiro”. The candidate did not win the election, but helped popularize the most beloved sweet of the country!
When it comes to selling chocolates, Love For Brigadeiro is ahead of the pack due to a multitude of different factors.

These are customers that appreciate consuming fresh ingredients and enjoy the delicate and smooth taste of our chocolates.
Each order is tailor to our customers’ specific preferences and need.

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