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lpro was established in 2017 by professionals from diverse backgrounds with a common passion to enrich the teaching. LPRO was established with one mission: to improve the quality of education in our City. LPRO.ONLINE was born out of a deep faith that teaching disciplines like Science and Mathematics should be made more practical, hands-on and fun. Boundaries around various disciplines have to be softened so that children can get an integrated and seamless understanding of concepts. The “rote-learning” practice in most schools and the extremely “exam” oriented approach of our education system merely prepares children to pass exams – and not to develop a deep understanding or appreciation of any subject.

Children and teachers should be made more aware and appreciative of “Science being all around us” and that the only way to learn these subjects is by improving conceptual understanding of these subjects among teachers and students. LPRO.ONLINE approach is to connect a central concept to everyday experiences and to the functioning of the world around us. When children connect these dots in their minds, there is a lasting impression on them.

LPRO offers best-in-class online, live coaching programs to students of grades VI to XII in all Subjects.

lpro is an innovative technology-enabled solution for city to address the ever growing problems faced by them in providing top-quality education to their students.Tutors is a revolutionary idea of beaming live classes directly into classrooms by expert teachers, mostly IITians, who complement and supplement the teaching done by the school’s teachers by using intelligent breakdown of lesson-plans to provide seamless teaching to students. Our teachers are backed by our own team of content creators who have expertise in creating educational content using our unique methodology that is bench-marked against the best in the world. Live classes are telecast as per a pre-determined schedule on a screen in a classroom. Live classes are interactive allowing for 2-way communication. This ensures immediate doubt clarification.

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