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About Millie’s Cookies

  • Millie’s Cookies is an international chain of small format retail bakeries based out of the UK. It specialises in gourmet cookies, muffins, milk shakes and hot drinks. The brand has raving fans worldwide including self confessed cookie lovers, carefree teenagers & adults. The appeal of a contemporary global brand matched with small format stores makes this brand ideal for India.
  • Our vision at Millie’s Cookies is to be the number one sweet treat brand worldwide.
  • We opened our first store in 1985 and ever since then, we have been baking fresh cookies every day. The fresh “just-out-of-the-oven” smell and “chewy, soft in the middle, crunchy on the outside” bite is still what makes Millie’s Cookies the most heart warming, generous treat.
  • To “pick you up” when you are out and about and to indulge in, in the comfort of the home. Today in the Millie’s kitchen, there is always something baking, something being made with the Millie’s knowhow, in a warm welcoming atmosphere and served with Millie’s individuality and big heart.

Franchise Support:

  • Our cookies and muffins are baked fresh in store every day – the taste, quality and consistency of product is, therefore, a key part of the training, not to mention the delivery of a friendly and efficient service.
  • Our training programme is designed to be conducted over a 10-day period and is delivered by one of our brand experts who will share all aspects of the brand with the trainees in a working Millie’s store.
  • You will get hands-on experience from day one in a real Millie’s environment engaging with Millie’s customers and understanding what makes our product and brand so special.
  • You will learn about the brand, health and safety, brand standards, how to bake, brew and shake, hot to manage shifts to match business needs, hot to train your staff in turn, understanding operational and food standards, marketing planners and at the end of the 10-day period, run one of our stores on your own!
    We will assess you to see if you have passed our requirements, support you if you need more training and will always have a point of contact for you to raise questions going forward.

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