About Us:

MindMap Consulting was founded with a value system focused on being customer centric and delivering to the common goals of growing businesses. We are rapidly expanding our service offering catering to the unique needs of our clientele. Our breath of services span across Recruitment, Training and Accounting services.

Our founders bring extensive experience in their area of expertise and have been well-recognized thought leaders in the industry. MindMap blends the experience of their leadership circle with trusted advice from their independent board to ensure customer centricity and value addition to its clients.

Products Offered:

Skilling Incubator: A technology/platform driven hiring aggregator by which the brand provides staffing services to the corporate clients in terms of hire only, train only and train, hire and deploy.
RPA Academy: A B2B and B2C skilling academy which offers end to end capability building and certification on Robotics Process Automation across Business Analyst, Catalyst, technical developer and Architect Roles.
Corporate Training: A B2B initiative where Mindmap Consulting has a strong deep rooted customer base with whom the brands run multiple skilling academics across digital skills, domain skills, leadership and behavioural skills.
CSR and Government Skills Initiatives: MindMap Consulting works with state Governments and corporate in deploying their CSR/Social funds into skilling initiatives to make youth job ready.

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