Mountmemory is one of the fastest growing mental arithmetic courses providers. Our courses are based upon extensive research on scientific brain management techniques that improves child’s learning and intelligence. These techniques develop the potential of human brain and its effective use. Our courses help children to acquire Mental Arithmetic skills, Speed & accuracy in calculation, gaining acute levels of Creativity, Concentration, Visualization and competitive ability. We are into franchising and training of these courses with a vision of providing world class courses to all economic levels. Mountmemory Franchise plans require low investment and provides high income potential and No professional qualification required for starting a franchise business. This is the best franchisee business because working market is expandable as the target age group is from 6 to 18 years. Why only Mountmemory? o Our Business model requires low investment and provides high income potential o You are granted with a reputed brand name o Your contact details will be on our website to get local inquiries. o You receive front and back office support. o You receive a national advertising that will continually reinforce our distinctive brand image o You have all of your processing done through system by our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more admissions in your area. o You receive Affinity Account Leads o You receive Staff Training o Minimum royalty in the industry (FRANCHISE earn more profit) o Training at FRANCHISE location. o Training cost include in FRANCHISE fees. o We give Promotional material of worth 25 % of contract value(which no other company give)

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