About MR. PUFF

Mr. Puff is a leading bakery brand in Gujarat, India, that was founded in 1950. We are a venerable institution that has kept its particular flavour and quality for decades.

We are committed to providing sanitary and nutritious bakery items as an ISO 22000:2005 firm, and we owe our success to QHP’s “mantra” (Quality, Hygiene and Purity).

In Gujarat, we have four manufacturing locations: three in Vadodara and one in Ahmadabad. We have a large network of super stockists, distributors, and retailers across India, allowing us to reach our retail range in over 200 cities. Through our trade networks, we have a presence in over 20 countries throughout the world. We also have roughly 40 bakeries and fast food restaurants

Gujarat has several outlets.

You could be a fantastic candidate for a Mr.puff franchisee owner if you’re searching for a major franchise opportunity with a minimal cost of entry and high profit potential.

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