From caring for her family to meeting professional commitments, the modern Indian woman has a lot on her plate. And every woman requires a safe haven. Naturals is the place to go if you’re a woman. It’s a haven for detoxing, rejuvenating, and unwinding!

Naturals, which has over 650 salons across India, was founded 19 years ago and has transformed the beauty and franchising industries. Naturals has 400 female franchise partners and has trained over 10,000 employees, which we are proud of. Thank you to our more than 30 lakh customers!

Naturals is now India’s most well-known hair and beauty salon chain. Naturals now has 650+ salons across the subcontinent, with plans to expand to 3000 salons by 2020, thanks to our world-class service, courteous employees, and dedicated consumers.

Winning an award provides us a sense of satisfaction in a very competitive industry, but it also motivates us to go the extra mile for our customers, whose devotion has helped us reach these milestones.

We are constantly working to improve our clients’ experiences through our services, and these accomplishments only serve to encourage us to do better.

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